Therapeutic Use Of Emerald

Therapeutic Use Of Emerald Color therapy has been known for its healing benefits since times immemorial and has been used as one of the holistic healing therapies to combat various physical ailments and diseases. Color therapy is based on the principal that human body is formed by cosmic energies of seven colors and a balance between these energies leads to optimal health and wellness. However, if there is a deficiency or excess of any of these colors in the body, it can result in imbalance and subsequently, ailments. Gemstones are vital healing tools used for color therapy. There are seven gemstones used in color therapy, each one associated with particular color energy. Natural Emerald is a potent color therapy gemstone used to bring green color in equilibrium in the physical body of the wearer. The basic thing you need to ensure to get full color healing benefits from emerald is to buy a good quality natural emerald. Color Healing with Emerald Color Therapy is closely linked with body Chakras and plays a vital role in color healing. Natural Emerald is a gemstone, which has the ability to harness the cosmic energies related with green color, which is the color of spring and is associated with overall well-being of an individual. The gemstone natural emerald is associated with the Anahata or Heart Chakra and the circulatory system, and is considered to be beneficial for healing ailments related to this chakra. Additionally, besides treating physical disease, natural emerald plays a key role in balancing positive energies and promoting emotions like love, hope, patience, compassion and understanding. Overall, natural emerald gemstone has its benefits for physical as well as psychological problems and can play an important role in combating a wide array of ailments and diseases. Ailments and Diseases which can be healed with Emerald Green color is the color of well-being and positivity and a balance in this color can help you combat numerous problems. Wearing a natural emerald is a good way to achieve the optimal level of green color ray in your body. Natural Emerald is useful for lowering blood pressure as well as alleviating problems related to heart as it is linked with the Heart Chakra. Also, natural emerald gemstone has a calming effect on the nerves and brain and relieves related problems like stress, anxiety, insomnia and headache. By wearing natural emerald gemstone, you can experience freshness of mind as well as relief from physical and mental exhaustion. This gemstone has often been called the healer of the mind as it strengthens wisdom, mental clarity, memory and reasoning power of the wearer. It also generates confidence and positive energies in the wearer and heals speech disorders like stammering. It also helps combat problems related with blood and skin. Therefore, it is a gemstone which can help you overcome numerous health problems of body and mind. When using a natural emerald for color therapy, be sure to buy a certified emerald only, which is a genuine piece as a fake can cause more harm than good. Also, only a good quality natural emerald can furnish the complete healing effects of color therapy. Abstract Green is the color of nature, which promotes physical wellness and emotional harmony. In color therapy, emerald is the gemstone used to achieve a balance of green color in the body. This curative gemstone is related to the heart chakra and help treat diseases of the heart, blood and skin. Also, it can promote mental calmness by stabilizing positive emotions like love, compassion, patience and understanding.