The Best Physical Therapy Myths

The Best Physical Therapy Myths Physical therapy is extremely beneficial for reducing aches and pains. You should consult a qualified therapist immediately after observing any difficulty in movement or experiencing pain. Timely action can help in faster recovery, but there are some myths shrouding the usage of physical therapy which should be busted. Check out the top 10 myths. Myth: Physical therapy can be painful. Fact: Absolutely not. The purpose of this treatment is to reduce pain and increase muscle and joint flexibility. The therapists are trained to treat within your ability to bear the pain. Survey shows that nearly 71% people who had never visited a physical therapist before and thought therapy is painful changed their outlook about the treatment process after undergoing treatment. Myth: You need a physician’s referral to visit a therapist. Fact: Survey has revealed that such is the perception of nearly 70 % people even though all the 50 American states allow patients to be assessed by a physical therapist without any referral from a physician. Myth: Physical therapy should be an option only after an injury or operation Fact: Therapy is very effective for rehabilitation following an accident, but that is just one side to it. Therapists are highly skilled at diagnosing tendencies towards a possible physical ailment like a frozen shoulder, or a chronic headache or even a back pain. Myth: Any health care provider can perform this treatment. Fact: Only certified and experienced medical professionals can help you with the sessions. This knowledge is however shared by only 42% consumers while the remaining 37% feel that any and all health care providers can administer the therapy. Physical therapists can further specialize in areas like orthopedics, sports, neurology, and women’s health. Myth: Physical therapy can be done without the help of an expert. Fact: The guidance of a licensed expert is very necessary for proper physical therapy which can lead to full recovery. Specialized knowledge is very necessary for diagnosing the condition, designing and implementing a customized care plan. So even though a patient’s active participation is very necessary for the success of physical therapy it is impossible to conduct the sessions without an expert’s assistance. Myth: Insurance does not cover physical therapy. Fact: Physical therapy is covered by many insurance companies in one form or the other. Other than that, the therapy sessions reduce several unnecessary costs like prescription medicines, surgery, and even image scans. It also actively helps in diagnosing problems even before they develop. So, it is effective in addressing conditions before they develop into chronic problems. Myth: Surgery is the only option left. Fact: Physical therapy in some cases is nearly as effective as surgery. It can be a good alternative and almost 79% people who have visited one in the recent past know this to be true. Surgery can be an option only after everything else has failed in treating the condition. Physical therapy gives proven results, but one has to be patient about it. You will need the aid of a licensed professional physical therapist to achieve those results. Author Bio: Pieter Reynolds is familiar with well-known physical therapy professionals. He himself has been benefitted by this therapeutic technique to improve his health condition. In this article, he has shared information about “” after collecting information from various sources and from experienced professionals providing physical therapy in Yorba Linda.