New Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix!

New Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix! The Omnitrix has evolved and Ben Tennyson has a whole new collection of aliens to transform into in Ben 10 Alien Force and due for release is the new range of Ben 10 toys in the name of Ultimate Omnitrix. Ultimate Omnitrix Plug in an alien and you unlock light and sound effects, including alien voices and other effects from the show. The new watch works with special translucent 10cm Alien Collection figures. Also new this year is the Omnitrix Projector, which projects images of the Ben 10 aliens onto a wall or other flat surface. Three animation disks are included, each loaded with pictures from the new T.V show. The Omnitrix Projector can still be worn as a watch for roleplay fun and batteries are included for both Omnitrix toys. With the Ben 10 Hero Identity Station you can design, make and laminate your own invites, mission updates, coded cards and club cards. The identity Station not only laminates your cards, but also neatly stores everything and is perfect for creativity on the go! Use the special UV light to reveal secret messages and imagery on the cards, which can be stored in the Ben 10 card wallet. This awesome laminating machine comes with 15 cards, 15 laminates, ink stamps and ink pad, 2 sticker sheets and a black fine liner! Ben 10 Hero Identity Station is a wonderful way to encourage creativity and great for boys imaginative play! Ben 10 character also features in the form of outdoor children's toys and play including bikes and pogo jump sticks. New style Ben 10 Monster Bike with cool graphics with pneumatic tyres, 14" (35cm) spoked wheels, printed chainguard , Front and rear calliper brakes , Removable stabilisers , Adjustable handlebar height 74-76cm and suitable for age four to seven year olds. Also the return of another classic toy, the pocket sized Ben 10 Etch a Sketch classic drawing board which works by turning the buttons one way or another. Shake the board upside down and start a fresh and draw again. It can also be taken with you on your travels due to its small and compact design. Kids can bounce around on this awesome Ben 10 Pogo Jumper which is excellent for teaching balance and co-ordination skills and the wide foot base increases stability making it very safe and easy to use. Pogo Jumper features a hi-tech design, super bounce spring and durable construction for endless play! There's also non-slip foot grips and stopper so your little bouncer will be comfortable and as safe as possible! Ben 10 Pogo Jumper is a great way to encourage active, outdoor play! Also taking a look at other ride on Toys like the Monster In-line Scooter which is packed full of cool features. This Ben 10 Scooter comes with an integrated secret compartment full of Ben 10 monsters containing 9 authentic coloured monsters, cool Ben 10 graphics, fully printed footplate, ABEC 1 Bearings and can be easily folded away for storage. Just as important is the fab Ben 10 Omnitrix safety backpack ideal for scootering, biking and skateboarding, with printed knee and elbow pads with child-friendly fasteners! Also comes with a drinks bottle with hygienic drinking nozzle for refreshment. These are available from all good toy shops.