Massage Therapy For Sports Injuries

Massage Therapy For Sports Injuries Sports injuries affect people of all ages and if recovery is not taken seriously when the injury first happens you could spend decades in pain afterwards. Sports injuries are no joke and should not be taken lightly. One method of treating sports injury is massage therapy. A combination treatment of orthopedics and massage therapy is rated highly among health professionals for treatment of these injuries. Treatment for Scar Tissue Massage therapy can break up scar tissue that has formed around the area of the injury and can stimulate blood flow to the injured area. Releasing the tension in the muscles surrounding the point of injury can allow for greater range of movement. It is imperative in most injury cases to get the patient moving again as soon as possible to avoid the muscles becoming weak and unmovable. Movement lubricates the joints and strengthens the surrounding muscles. Using massage as an option helps to get more blood pumped into your muscles, which moves oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs. This actually accelerates your healing process! Pain associated with injury can often prevent the patient from moving because they do not want to cause themselves more pain. The pain response to injury is normal because this is our physiological response to tell us when there is something wrong with our bodies. Work with your sports medicine doctor to improve blood flow to warm up the muscles through the use of sports massage techniques. Tight tissues will be stretched out which can reduce inflammation and swelling. There are traditionally two types of massage that aid in sports injury recovery:* Swedish massage. This is a light form of massage that is meant to relax the muscles and energize your body. This helps with injuries that cannot be moved around too much yet. * Deep tissue massages. This uses much more pressure than Swedish massage does and helps to flush out lactic acid and metabolic wastes from within muscles which is what allows for more oxygen and nutrients to be pumped throughout the body. Treatment for Broken Bones The key to treating broken bones is getting rid of stiffness and helping get your mobility back into the area. Keeping the muscles relaxed and reducing inflammation or stiffness is what sports therapy massage is used for in this case. Treatment for Burns A study on burn patients in Korea was conducted on the effects of massage therapy on treating burns at the Korean Journal of Hepatology showed that three months of massage therapy treatment aided in reducing itching from the healing burns and decreased depression in patients. Skin healing was improved drastically during this study. Other benefits of massage In 2010, the American Massage Therapy Association conducted a study that showed that the following conditions were treated successfully using massage therapy: * Stress relief * Insomnia * Arthritis * Lower back pains * Circulation problems * Anxiety * Chronic headaches Massage therapy has been found to aid in recovery from sports injuries and helps with pain management until you are able to get back to your full strength. Taking care of yourself during this time of healing should be your number one priority to prevent reinjure or complications.