Foam Rollers For Physical Therapy

Foam Rollers For Physical Therapy Let’s talk about the use of foam rollers for physical therapy. But before we dwell into the topic, let’s first get a better understanding of what physical therapy is. Physical therapy isn’t really new to us. Most of us know that such treatment is often given after a medical or surgical operation as part of the recovery process. Aside from the fact that physical therapy can only be done with a physiotherapist’s supervision, the treatment is basically a form of exercise accompanied by massages to rejuvenate damaged or idled muscles. But unlike regular exercise or workout routine, physical therapy focuses on regaining a lost physical ability. The movements are much limited and the intensity being relatively low, without the use of weights. Now this is where the use of foam rollers for physical therapy comes into the picture. Foam rollers, like the Power Roller, allows physical movements that utilizes the user’s own body weight. At the same time, the foam roller effectively “rolls under” the muscles that rests over the roller’s surface and acts like a roll massager. And owning a foam roller won’t be that expensive, especially if you know where to buy. It's a great device to use for pilates exercises, including of course pilates physical therapy. Foam rollers like the Power Roller is one of the popular brands when it comes to high quality foam rollers at a very affordable price. It features scientifically designed ridges on its EVA rubber surface to make it more like a massage and avoid the rumored issue of cutting blood flow, especially on the limbs. And unlike other rollers, Power Roller is shorter, making it much more portable than the conventional. Plus it has a sturdy metal-tube support inside so you won’t have problems like having a flat roller in the future. It comes in two color combinations: Want to order a Power Roller by Pure Power Products? It includes a free Training E-book that you can use after your recovery. It’s available on Amazon UK. You've got three variants to choose from - Original, Pink, and Pro. All of which are equipped with features that'll surely enhance your foam roller experience. All are designed to give trigger-point relief. Now all you need to do is to look for a physiotherapist that incorporates the use of rollers in his/her therapy. It’s already a popular trend so you won’t have a hard time finding one. Start to roll over to recovery now!